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Roof Construction

Good Reasons to Get Into a Construction Career



The purpose of the planning system is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development ...


To achieve sustainable development, economic, social and environmental gains should be sought

jointly and simultaneously through the planning system ...


Good design is a key aspect of sustainable development, is indivisible from good planning, and

should contribute positively to making places better for people ...

Residential construction

  • Develop floor plans and obtain a materials list for estimations (more recently performed with estimating software)

  • Obtain government building approval if necessary

  • Clear the building site

  • Survey to stake out for the foundation

  • Excavate the foundation and dig footers.

  • Pour a foundation and footers with concrete

  • Build the main load-bearing structure out of thick pieces of wood and possibly metal I-beams for large spans with few supports. See framing (construction)

  • Add floor and ceiling joists and install subfloor panels

  • Cover outer walls and roof in OSB or plywood and a water-resistive barrier.

  • Install roof shingles or other covering for flat roof

  • Cover the walls with siding, typically vinyl, wood, or brick veneer but possibly stone or other materials

  • Install windows

  • Frame interior walls with wooden 2x4s

  • Add internal plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and natural gas utilities

  • Building inspector visits if necessary to approve utilities and framing

  • Install insulation and interior drywall panels (cementboard for wet areas) and to complete walls and ceilings

  • Install bathroom fixtures

  • Spackle, prime, and paint interior walls and ceilings

  • Additional tiling on top of cementboard for wet areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen backsplash

  • Install final floor covering, such as floor tile, carpet, or wood flooring

  • Install major appliances

  • Unless the original owners are building the house, at this point it is typically sold or rented.

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Construction Management


Our (CM) is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. CM is aimed at meeting a client's requirement in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project.

Cinema and Family Rooms

Often the centrepiece of a basement conversion project, our cinema or media rooms provide wonderful family and entertaining space. Utilising the latest and most cost-effective audio-visual technology, our basement media systems can all be controlled by your laptop, iPhone or iPad.


A rear basement lightwell provides seamless connection to the garden from your basement family room, providing the perfect play space for kids - and great for kids’ parties. A BasementWorks media room will be the place you come to play and relax, and the envy of all your guests!


Stairs and Lightwells

The entrance to your basement conversion is a very important architectural consideration. Balancing the desire to open up the space to allow light through, with maintaining original features around the entrance to the new basement staircase must be done with great care. As you work with our designers, the new basement design will develop a style of its own. Uniting it with the existing house without compromising the architectural integrity of either space is one of our great skills.


Oak steps and glass handrails are both popular treatments for basement staircases, their light and reflective capabilities enhancing the new basement hallway beneath.


Our basement hallway designs are one of our greatest architectural achievements. You will never see a narrow corridor resembling a rabbit run in a BasementWorks design. Every floor plan maximises light and space, and makes you feel you have arrived into a basement space with purpose and style.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Providing accommodation in your new basement conversion can be a great way to have family, friends, or a nanny stay with you, whilst preserving yours and their privacy. En-suite bathrooms can easily be incorporated into the architectural basement design, and in addition, basement utility rooms can include simple cooking equipment creating a complete living area for your guests.


If you plan to have an elderly relative staying with you or possibly residing with you in time, a separate annex within the basement floor plan might be the perfect solution for you all. In some cases separate access to the basement conversion from the ground floor may also be possible.